How I Hit #1 on Google: The 2019 Complete SEO Course

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Module 1: Website Analysis

If we don’t get the research part right in SEO, then all the hard work we do after will go in vain. Basically, we would be moving in the wrong direction without proper research. We need to take the research part seriously!

The modules in this section will help you analyse a website, and assist in finding the best keywords to rank for.

Before we do anything else, let’s check the SEO status of your site first. Simply add your website URL (in format, not in the top search bar of SEMrush and hit “search”, then Select your country.

What you see now is pure magic!

  • You’ll see the list of keywords for which your site may already be ranking in top 100 positions in Google (if any).

Of course, if your site is new or may be just 2/3 months old, you may not see any data. This is because it takes time for any tool to crawl the web and pick up information about any site. New sites usually don’t have much information to be shown here.

  • You’ll see all the backlinks your site has received so far.
  • You’ll see organic traffic progress in a chart. This will tell you whether your organic traffic has gone up or down in last few months/years (you can choose).


The graph below shows the growth of organic traffic of one of my clients. It has gone up since I started SEO and continuing till this date as shown by the blue colour line in this graph-

Note: You can export all this info from this tool. I would suggest exporting and saving it for records for future reference.

As you’ll see later in this eBook, this information above will help us take some important SEO decisions. Hold this info at this stage and move to module 2.