How I Hit #1 on Google: The 2019 Complete SEO Course

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About the author

Vikas Rana is the founder of WebsiteFix – Australia’s fastest growing SEO company.

For well over a decade, he’s helped over 100 SMEs (Small Business Enterprises) in Australia, while assisting millions of people around the world through his articles and videos. His techniques have even been utilised by many large corporations and publicly listed companies.

In 2015, Mediatimes quoted Vikas as one of the leading marketers in the country. As a result of his work in SEO and dedication to helping small and many large endeavours, he has been featured in many popular blogs and sites such as Entrepreneur, Inc, eLearningIndustry, Rocksdigital, Mediatimes, Injust5, and many more.

Using tried and tested methods, Vikas has a 99% success rate in achieving high Google rankings and organic growth for his clients. These secrets and results are proven by his own company WebsiteFix ranking the top of first page in a Google search for SEO related words; such as ‘SEO Services’ & ‘SEO Services Brisbane’.

Vikas has a bachelor’s degree in computer science & Master’s degree in Online Marketing, but his real passion is in sharing his knowledge to help others. Residing in Brisbane, Australia, with his partner, he is an avid reader & consumes at least one book per week. His is likewise an active member in his digital community, though is happy to explore unknown terrains on weekends.


Note from Vikas Rana- author of this eBook

People believe marketing is expensive and difficult. Fortunately, that’s not true. In this eBook I will share formulas which enable you to get the highest results, as well as beat your competitors (no matter how big they are). You’ll find this eBook the key to online success, regardless of whether you have a technical bone in your body!

No matter whether you’re a dentist, carpenter, tradesman or blogger, everyone will understand this guide to implementing business growth through becoming an SEO expert.

‘When I first came to Australia in 2007, I was completing my Master’s Degree in web/internet marketing – where I developed my first interest and passion for SEO. I began by creating my own websites, trialling and applying methods until I uncovered a proven pattern. As I watched my websites climb Google ranks to the very top, I was thrilled and overwhelmed by online strategies that truly worked! It’s there my love of SEO and helping other businesses begun.

Over a ten-year journey, as I found my methods were able to help many businesses; from SMEs to major conglomerates, propelling my clients to a number one ranking on search engines became a dedication.

So this is not just an eBook, It’s my way of sharing knowledge to expand it in others. This guide is me reaching out to lend a hand in having faith that your business will succeed. By understanding the road to prosperity (and the doubts along the way), I’m dedicated to share industry secrets, my years of research, tests, outcomes and methods of my own experiences, along with hundreds of others in this necessary online approach.

And though it took just four months to write this guide, you hold in your hands a decade of collected information that will best serve your business. A lifetime of my practices will make your own experience straight to the point, actionable and fun to read.

To rise above your competitors with confidence, and comfortably acquire skills as you go (especially for the non-tech reader) I’ve written step-by-step modules to grow your rankings with Google and all other search engines. Unlike any other eBooks out there, you’ll find less fluff, less theory & less talk – but you’ll find a whole lot of actionable tips.

I’ve always thought a good coach and mentor should avoid irrelevant information that will only confuse and discourage the student. I believe the only good information in life is straight to the points you’ll need for fast results; all else is simply data.

So I’ll assure you that these strategies alone are enough to rank your website pages first on Google; since these are the very exact techniques in which I’ve enjoyed success for my own website, and the hundreds of clients I’ve supported. Leaving useless data out, you’ll find everything mentioned here means something important. And by following my modules, your rankings and organic traffic (not to mention growing sales) are guaranteed to flow.

But it doesn’t end when you finish the book! In purchasing ‘Simply SEO’ you’re now entitled to my bundle of benefits. This means you’re also now a proud member of our exclusive ‘Simply SEO Community’! I personally keep all members updated with new methods, techniques and productivity.

The internet is ever-changing, and I’m thrilled to offer ongoing support through all your business growth stages. Which is why I likewise offer a never seen before eBook extra; since I’m dedicated to delivering the ways and means to assist your company, I’ll send you a free updated version of ‘Simply SEO’ as World Wide Web techniques evolve! It’s my sincere pledge to help you every step of the way.

For business owners, bloggers, YouTuber, or just an individual who desires to know the secrets of Google, SEO & ranking, this eBook is here to give you everything you need.

Wishing you great success, and limitless value to your company.


Vikas Rana


Why get an eBook on SEO instead of reading online blogs or Forums?   

This section is important to understand the importance and uniqueness of this eBook before proceeding.

Depending on the online blogs can be a big gamble. Internet is full of articles on SEO and digital marketing. Even those who’ve read a little bit about SEO seem to be writing blogs or making videos on SEO! For those who wish to truly learn SEO, it can be very confusing to find the right resources from this over-crowded industry.

Every time you read an online blog, you’ll have to deal with an intro+ theory+ bit of fluff (which makes around 40% of most of the article) before you reach any real tips. Multiply this wasted time with the countless blogs you must read to get full understanding of SEO.

Even if you do find a good blog, acquiring a full guide in the form of an eBook is much more desirable than spending hours finding answers to your SEO related questions. And how do you even know you’re asking the right questions, or not missing out on something imperative?

Ideally, you’d have to come up with more than 100 good questions in the right sequence for enough knowledge to practice SEO yourself. Count that time finding answers to each question, (not to mention searching for the correct blog to suit your question!) add deciphering the writing style of each individual author, searching deep in the blog or forum for a precise answer, and then depend on intuition that the answer is correct! You’ll wind up with a powerful headache, before you’ve even began to understand the power of SEO!

Further, how do you even know the answer you just found is right? Is it tested? If it is, is it tested multiple times or just once? Is it written by an experienced SEO?

Reading different blogs all written in a different tone, different ideology, written by different authors- most of them are not even SEOs – all this makes things harder for you.

All this creates, and points to the importance of a complete guide. It saves you from confusion and hours of time searching on web for answers to your questions.


This is the reason, after a decade of experience in SEO, I decided to write an eBook.

I promise to make this as fun as possible yet covering every single minute details required to get results. I’ll get the theory part out of the way first (do a quick scan) so that we can quickly move on to the MODULES where real action will happen.

So, without a further due, let’s start.